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About Us

S.C. A6 IMPEX S.A. Dej is a company located on the north industrial platform of city Dej. SC A6 Impex SA was founded in March 2007 as a Ltd having unique shareholder the company SC Somes SA Dej. Starting with November 2007 SC A6 Impex become stock company.

The main activity object of the company is the production and the commercialization of the electrical energy. The electrical energy is sold mainly on the Centralized Markets for Bilateral Contracts, but also on the Day-Ahead Market.

The initial aspect of this project was to build a boiler for burning wood waste, which would capitalize the wood waste resulted from the technological project of wood chopping within SC SOMES SA; this waste was capitalized in two old CADLs, with low steam parameters and low performance. At a same time, it was an environment obligation for SOMES to comply with the funnel emission parameters; this was not achievable through the old CADLs. Also, it was intended to produce the steam at high parameters, so that the steam expansion at the desired parameters in technology would be made through a turbine, creating electrical energy at the same time. Considering that the price of steam, respectively of the electrical energy produced this way, is much lower than if produced from methane, and the necessities of SOMES, the boiler was designed to burn a larger quantity of wood waste than that resulted from the technological process of SOMES; a share of it was supposed to be purchased from third parties. So the boiler as design to produce 40 t/h steam of 40 bar 450 oC. Along with the decision of the SOMES shareholders to shut down the Pulp Plant, because of the recession, the operation version presented above is no longer possible.

Law 220/2008 brought a special opportunity, through the offering of 2 green certificates for electrical energy produced from renewable sources (in our case, biomass). In the situation in which the full capacity functioning of the boiler could no longer be insured (as SOME? consumed 15-20 t/h), it was decided that the entire capacity of the boiler would be capitalized into electrical energy, which would be sold in the grid (SEN), also obtaining green certificates.

In order to do this, another turbine is necessary besides the existing ones, namely a condensation turbine with a capacity of 40 t/h, 40 bar 450 oC, which would produce electrical energy to be delivered in SEN.

Capitalizing the hole steam quantity produced in the boiler at the nominal parameters, the purchased condensing steam turbine produce 9.73 MW electrical energy.